Barbers. 6th July

Carrs Swing Bridge to Rawton Walls Bridge 21

Working our way back along the Peak Forest Canal, we’d had the foresight to put our waterproofs on, this of course did the job, very little rain today. This morning it felt very similar to an Autumn day so I put on my padded waterproof trousers. Rounding the bend to New Mills Marina boats had their stoves going and we wished we’d brought warm gloves out with us.


The smell going past Swizzels could have been Refreshers or Drumsticks, we couldn’t quite make our minds up. There was nobody looking out of the windows to ask or even wave to.

Key of Power

Time to work the bridges again walking in between them to stretch my legs. Push, Button and Wind. Then we crossed our fingers for the mooring with the view.


A boat was moored on the spot we’d had before so we tried pulling in a touch before hand where the wall was low. A touch of nudging back and forth got us close enough into the side for the day.

That’ll keep us going

Tilly headed off to explore as we had lunch followed by baking a batch of cheese scones. They should keep us going whilst doing the locks into Manchester, all 43 of them, admittedly not all on the same day!


Mick had been making hints for a little while regrading a hair cut, so the clippers were put on charge and when we thought they would last long enough we headed out onto the towpath.


Not a bad barbers shop today with a really rather wonderful view.

A lovely place to moor

This evening over 500 theatres and entertainment venues across the UK have been lit up red to raise awareness of the industry. Here are just a few of the buildings I’ve been involved with in my life.

0 locks, 3.68 miles, 3 bridges, grade 3 hair cut, 5 hours, 500 plus, 12 scones, 2 slightly chilly boaters.

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