Inanimate to Happy. 5th July

Bugsworth Basin to Carr Swing Bridge 30

With Tilly still not impressed by her surroundings we wanted to move off today, we’d also been here 48 hours so our time was up too. But the strong gusts of wind around the basin weren’t conducive to moving a narrowboat.

Brian on NB Alton started up her engine at around 9am, reversing back to the water point where he swung her stern round, just enough room I suspect, he has done it before a few times!


We waited to see if the wind subsided giving us a window of opportunity to start heading back towards Marple. What better way to wait than to enjoy a cooked breakfast with Whaley Bridge smoked bacon, we’ll try to eek the other four slices out as it is very good.

Fennel along with the usual herbs

After midday we decided it was time to move, but just as we rolled back the covers a red boat appeared on the water point and we were wanting a top up. Luckily they didn’t take long so we were soon on the move.

Byebye Bugsworth

Topped up we winded with the wind both helping and hindering the manoeuvre, the numpty button was required just a touch to stop us being pinned across the entrance to the Lower Basin. We were then on our way again.

Rain loomed so full water proofs were donned, but in the end they weren’t required. We pootled on past Furness Vale Marina where two boats had returned from an overnight stay with us at Bugsworth.


At Carrs Swing Bridge I swung the bridge holding up several walkers, the last two foreign wanting to know if they could do a round route if they crossed the bridge. I know where the canal goes, but not the paths, so couldn’t be of much help.

Sniffing the air

A space on the moorings here called to us. First attempt not so good as something lay beneath the water keeping the bow a long way out. Nudging along a touch made it easier. Tilly watched from the bathroom porthole as we hooked the nappy pins around the armco and waited for me to recite the rules. I already knew she’d prefer it here.

This outside is very LOW

Only problem in this outside is the pesky low steep wall! She and I tried to find where it didn’t go quite so low, maybe with a tree to help me get down into the field with plenty of friendly cover. Somebody has been trying to make it even harder by building new bits of wall, these are too well built and have too few sticky outy bits for cats claws to cling onto. But I managed in the end.

This has made it even lower!

They could have arranged the weather better. I was just getting on with important busyness when the sky opened and dropped a canal load of water on me. I had to rush back and tell them all about it as they were oblivious sat inside.

This could be a better option

I’ve been missing the surprises I’d get from our veg box in Nantwich. Mick suggested that maybe he should just order some random veg with our Sainsburys delivery as a surprise. Instead I ordered us a bunch of beetroot as I felt we’d have had some delivered by now.

The joint of lamb, with a garlic and rosemary rub, went in the oven with four large beets which had been seasoned, a drizzle of rapeseed oil and then wrapped in foil to roast with the meat. All very tasty, especially the lamb. Good job we’ve enough for a couple more meals.

Over the last few days more and more has been happening in the arts world to try to persuade the government into giving the sector a rescue package. On Friday a group of designers started to wrap theatres in tape across the country. Faces were popping up on twitter feeds, the faces behind the arts, not just those you see on stage. Articles, protest groups all doing their best to apply pressure and raise awareness of the plight that the arts sector is in.

Shortly before 10pm a press release was leaked, most probably by the government itself, announcing a support package of £1.57 billion to help theatres, galleries, museums and other cultural venues. This is a huge life line that will enable some of the sector to wait in the dark until they can turn the lights back on and welcome a live audience again. But sadly there will not be enough money to keep everyone afloat and some very hard decisions will have to be made, I don’t envy those who’s job this will be. But thank you to those who signed the petitions and wrote to their MPs and to those who have fought hard negotiating with the government.

0 locks, 1.86 miles, 1 wind, 1 right, 1 swing bridge, 6 walkers, 1 happy cat again, 1 quiet evening onboard, 1 joint of lamb, 4 beetroots, 1.57 billion signs of relief.

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