Frying Pan Or Plate. 29th May

Lockdown Mooring 3

I woke to an email from Amy regarding my illustrations. Penny who is editing everything together was impressed with the resolution of them, so no further action was required from me. Just have to wait now for the trailer to be done and then the final production. If the show had been going ahead rehearsals would be starting in a weeks time. The set would already have been delivered to Dark Horse and I would be doing my best to get costumes finished so that everything could be used in rehearsals. It’s a bit strange not knowing quite how it will all come together. I’ll just have to be patient.

Tilly managed to find a patch of shade

So what to do with myself now? Gunnels? The sun was already beating down on Oleanna and would continue to do so until late evening. I didn’t fancy getting burnt to a crisp, we’ll need to find some shade if the weather continues like this for me to do outside jobs.

Winter packed and ready to deflate

One thing that has needed doing for a while now was getting summer out from under the bed. So before we put the bed away this morning we pulled the mattress right over to reveal the storage and pulled out the summer vacuum bag. Tilly is an unwanted addition to such jobs as the holes in the bed base are just big enough for her to climb through. Summer clothes were released. Cupboards and drawers were edited, winter put into the bag ready to be reduced later in the day. A couple of old t-shirts were kept out for another job.

Did all that really go in there?!

In the afternoon we braved the sun and walked up to Calveley Mill Shop which sits alongside JS Bailey Cheese Ltd. Over the last few months we’ve meant to go into the shop to see what there is, other than cheese, but we tended to come past on a Saturday when they are closed.


We arrived too late for the cafe, you can pre-order at the moment and take away, but the shop was still open, filled with all sorts, mostly gifty stuff that we don’t need. We wanted to try some of their cheeses and also wanted a bit of bacon to go with broccoli and cauliflower.


The choice of cheese was extensive, we chose Wensleydale with cranberry and apple and a Bonfire smoked cheddar. We only went for small quantities but could have bought breeze block sized pieces, but we just don’t have the fridge space now. Bacon, 6 to 8 rashers would do us, but it only came in huge packs. 2.27kg packs infact! Would we use it? Could we freeze it? Was there enough space in the freezer? We’d give it a go.

Cheeses and a slab of bacon

Back at Oleanna I seperated the bacon into 4 rasher quantities, greaseproof paper between them and two bags of rashers went in the freezer, leaving us with enough for a couple of meals. The freezer is now very full!

A years worth of bacon

Next job, masks. When we start to cruise again, we’ll end up having to go into supermarkets, so I want us to be prepared. I’ve spent a bit of time looking at patterns for masks and the general consensus seems to be that they will stop you passing the virus on but won’t stop you from getting it. That is unless your mask is properly fitted and made from specific fabrics and filters. But a homemade mask will cut down the risk.

Sheep gave the thumbs up to the frying pan

Neither of us were wanting to give up an old shirt, but t-shirts come and go, they also meant I wouldn’t need to get the sewing machine out from under the dinette. The pattern called for a 25cm diameter circle, my compass lives next to the sewing machine! Time to hunt round for round things. A plate was too big, cake tin too small, the quiche tin the right diameter but with a crinkly edge. But our pancake frying pan was bang on.

His and her circles

Circles cut out , I then cut them into four, paired them up, sewed round the curved edges, trimmed one centre and sewed both bits back together, leaving a gap for a filter. The suggestion for ear loops was to use hair elastic bands. I finished mine off and tried it on. Fine for me for short periods of time, maybe I would change the hair bands for some elastic that can fix to my glasses with buttons, plus I think I may add a nose wire for an improved fit.

Masks or posing pouches?

Then we tried it on Mick. He has a bigger face than me and the hair bands most certainly would not go round his ears without folding them in half! A larger mask was needed. One of our plates became a new template giving about an extra inch overall. This one will definitely need proper elastic as my suggestion of shoe laces for ties, of which I have a white pair, was firmly rejected.

Make it cooler again!

So still work in progress. Once we are happy with them I’ll make two each, one to wear the other to wash.

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 shade, 1 winter wardrobe packed away, 1 summer wardrobe brought into daylight, 1 cat through the holes, 2 cheeses, 40 rashers, £10, 2 t-shirts, 1 frying pan, 1 plate, 2 masks, 1 hot cat, 6 years since our leaving do in Scarborough.

8 thoughts on “Frying Pan Or Plate. 29th May

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thanks Ann for pointing towards the blue tits. It’s nearly there, ours goes up in an expectant way at the end, where as the juvenile blue tit seems to go down. I put a recording of it on the 11th May post.


  1. joamungoanddog

    Hi, I’m making masks for people in the village. Can send you very nice elastic if you want (enough for 4 masks). Or can just send you 4 masks .. I have a variety of lovely fabrics (birds, animals, Disney, plain). I’ve also got nice lightweight cotton for the lining. Oh and metal nose bars too but with that shaped mask, you shouldn’t need them. Let me know and I’ll get them posted to whatever address you can use right now!


    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thanks Joa. I’ve dug out some elastic from my work sewing box, enough for quite a few masks in there. Going to add metal strips from my sanding masks once I’ve done with them.


      1. joamungoanddog

        With the duck bill masks (not sure why they’re called that, they look nothing like duck bills) .. you shouldn’t need a metal nose bar as the form fits around the nose anyway. Maybe we use different sizes as mine don’t need them.
        I’ve learnt how to sew only recently, I’m still rubbish but it’s fun!


    1. pipandmick Post author

      I was sick of the cheaper ones giving up, so last year we bought a couple of Vacuum Totes from LakeLand. This one has worked fine over the last year. Extra expense for the Tote, but it does protect the bag inside.


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