Close To Home. 4th May

Lockdown Mooring 4A to Claveley Services to Lockdown Mooring 4A

Having done a load of washing yesterday we were starting to run low on water, we also wanted to get another load through the machine before the arctic blast lands at the end of the week. After breakfast and Tilly had returned from an explore we set off, reversing to the bottom of the locks, winding and then headed north to Calveley.

Fat hedgerows

The cooler temperatures and rain of the last few days has cleared the scummy scum, so the canal looked back to normal. As we cruised the sun warmed the world and I got the thumbs up from Amy regarding my sketches, only one slight alteration and a better photo to work from for the movement directors portrait.

Has someone been using this instead of a council tip?

At the services we filled up with water and disposed of rubbish. One of the big bins here was very full and a sign indicated that someone has dumped their building/garden rubbish in it making it too heavy to empty. Suspect it was a local disposing of their waste rather than having to live with it at home for a while longer. It will end up being a C&RT employee who sorts it out as the bin men won’t.

Settling into the eaves
Coming and going

We called in at Lockdown Mooring 3 to have lunch, NB Islonian were our nearest neighbours and we had a chat stood at our bows, a very good gap apart. I’d considered letting Tilly out, to remind her that the outside world would change again one day, but after some thought the doors remained closed, we wanted to head back to Hurleston today!

Less footfall here

In the last three weeks since we’ve been down this way nature has exploded. The family who live in amongst the trees were only just visible through the greenery today and the towpaths less walked were filled with flowers.

It being around three miles back to Lockdown 4A I decided to walk back for my days exercise. This gives me the opportunity to take photos that don’t include Oleanna’s roof and to enjoy the towpaths.

Large Bittercress and Oleanna

Underfoot went from being uneven to quite soggy in parts. The bluebells and cowslips are now past their best. But taking their place are patches of rapeseed by the road and the vibrant white of Large Bittercress. The Bittercress is actually pale purple which was a surprise up close.

Rather smart

I walked up onto the road to see what I could see of Old Wardle House. A fine building with white pilasters and a good set of stables/barns alongside. Maybe one day I’ll take the footpath that crosses the yard for a closer nosy.

Lovely looking barn/stables

I walked up onto the bridge at the junction to be a lookout for Mick, no boats on the move but us, so all was well, I waved him on.

Barbridge Junction

At times the towpath gets a touch narrow to pass other people, so I find a wide stretch and stand well out of the way to let others pass. I did this to let a couple of teenagers pass, enough room if everyone one went single file. But no they kept coming two abreast myself pushed up into the hedge. Thanks chaps!!!

Back home

Back at home, at Lockdown Mooring 4A, we pulled in with enough room for us to have the view into the field again. After Tilly’s magical mystery tour the doors were opened up with an hour and a half left before cat curfew.

Hurry up!!!!

So, they had spent all day moving the outside, and all they end up doing is going round in circles! I think I might have to have a word with my friend Paul, I think they need new maps to follow as they are not doing very well with moving the outside anymore!

Same old same old outside!

Sitting down to hear the end of the press conference and what embellished truths they would tell us today, I caught one bit of news that made me hunt the internet for more information. A message was sent to an old friend. Very sadly confirmation came back that her Father had passed away in a care home yesterday afternoon from Covid -19, just two weeks after his 84th birthday. She had been able to be with him at the end, now she will self isolate for 14 days and hope she stays well.

Sitting on our boat in the countryside we live in a bubble that we consider to be relatively safe. We take precautions, hand washing etc. We live our lives as if it is winter, except it is warmer. We watch the news, listen to the politicians each day, then make our own minds up on what is the truth. Life will return to some sort of normality eventually, some things will be different and have to stay that way, some should remain different but won’t. Just how many of us will know someone who has sadly passed away due to the pandemic?

Tilly and her field

Today it all got that bit closer to home. We send love and thoughts to Sara and her family along with so many others who are grieving for a loved one taken too soon.

0 locks, 7.17 miles, 3 miles walked, 2 winds, 2 moorings, 1 full water tank, 1 heavy full bin, 1 bemused cat, 1 field all to herself, 1 more very sad loss.

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