Dynamite! 24th February

Bumble Hole to Coombes Bridge

Last night we were aware of people on the towpath across the way from us. Nothing too rowdy, but when we heard a small bang Mick had a look out through the windows. As he moved from one end of the boat to the other we could hear someone running away. Then there was no sign of anyone again. We thought nothing of it.

Luke Perry land

This morning it was still breezy, was it too breezy to reverse to the water point and then back to the junction? Or should we go under the next bridge, wind and come back? As we would be going through Gosty Hill Tunnel Mick decided to reverse, meaning that the chimney would be on the towpath side whilst at the water point and he could swap the tall chimney for the short stumpy one. This also meant we could empty the yellow water tank with ease.

Waterpoint unusable without a male adaptor

The water point at sometime in the last month has had the very handy adapter removed, the bit you screw your connector onto before attaching your hose. We hunted through all our possible hose attachments to no avail. Then the chap from inside the visitor centre also had a routle through his box of bits. Sadly there was no means of attaching our hose today. This would have to wait.

As I got ready to push us back off I noticed something that certainly wasn’t on our bow yesterday when we’d moored up. Then another one.


Sticks of dynamite! Admittedly mini sticks. The green fuse hadn’t ignited the sticks thank goodness, but maybe this is what we had heard last night. Someone throwing fire crackers at us!


At the junction we turned towards Hawne Basin and made our way along the Dudley No 2. The engine was put into neutral to coast under the bridges, especially those we’d had trouble with before. Then our progress slowed right down as we made our way into Gosty Tunnel.

Get ready to duck

This passage took us 18 minutes, I wonder if anyone does it in the 10 suggested on the C&RT sign at the entrance? Then we made our way towards Burton Bridge the narrow entrance to Hawne Basin.

Today the wind didn’t help, it didn’t help at all. Mick managed to negotiate the bridge very well but once in the marina it was impossible to cruise in and position the stern at the diesel pump. He brought us in facing the wrong way and then we let the wind push the bow out, the stern was pulled round by Mick and a lady, whilst I apologised to the couple of boats our bow bumped into.

Filling up

Diesel. A fill up of 90 litres. As we’d come in under the bridge we got the cheaper price 59p, 10p cheaper than if you come through the gate. So very much worth the trip. Three bags of coal the use of their water point and disposal of our rubbish. Here is where I laid Mick’s umbrella to rest.

old friend

We’d planned on returning to Bumble Hole today, but we both decided that maybe we’d stay outside the marina here instead. We didn’t really want to be a target for a second night. So instead we watched the very first episode of Vera and I sorted out a mistake I’d done on a pair of socks, meaning unravelling around 100 rows! By the end of the evening they were back on track.

Squeezing our way back under the bridge

0 locks, 3.06 miles, 2 sticks unexploded dynamite, 0 attachment, 1 reverse, 2 lefts, 1 right, 1 wind, 90 litres, 10p discount, 1 empty wee tank, 3 bags coal, 0 rubbish, 0 umbrella, 1 full water tank, 1 quieter evening.

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