Clotted Cream Mouse. 26th January

Pelsall Junction

Pelsall morning view

Me again!

She is too busy and Tom, well I think Tom has lost the ability to write!

Today started off well. They had their cuppa in bed with the papers whilst I dreamed of Ottiwhatsits latest recipe, it does sound nice. Just have to collect the ingredients together to give it a go.

Clotted Cream Mouse, yummy!

Then I was told I had 6.5 hours! Blimey!! At first this seemed great, but then I realised they hadn’t changed the outside from yesterday. Boo.

However today it was raining for much of the time, so not many woofers were around which gave me the chance to explore a touch more. I had a bit of a look for a friend in the cover, even pounced once or twice, but nobody was coming out to play. So the stove called me back inside.

Preparing to pounce

She has been busy with more numbers today. These ones are different, she’s been making them up. She says they make up a budget and it’s very tight. I wonder if it’s as tight as the opening at the bottom of the bathroom door?

Then She did some sketches. These sketches had what looked like trees or maybe sideways trees in them and they changed colour. I think I’m going to like this set.

The Garden with trees!

That special little biscuit from yesterday? Well it has been in my biscuit bowl all day, with very few other biscuits. I very nearly ate it at one point, but it tasted funny so I spat it out. Apparently because I’d spat it out they had to force me to eat it. Being manhandled in such a way is very unbecoming and I showed my displeasure with them by wriggling and showing my teeth off, Lots!

Whilst they enjoy their roast pork, I’m studying my recipe. Now where can I find Rooibos and Rhubarb?

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 wet day, 6.5 hours, 1.5 taken, 5 pounces, 0 friends, 11 sketches, £1500 to spend, 1 little biscuit, 9.75 digits still.

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